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Prevent your ServiceNow Developer Instance from being reclaimed
I’m a big ServiceNow fan.  I became a bigger fan when they opened up a new Developer Program [] that included access to a free, personal ServiceNow Instance.  Just
Correcting Invalid sys_class_name Entries in your CMDB
The Problem A few days ago, we started having strange behavior in our Configuration Management Database (CMDB).  When looking at certain classes of Configuration Items (CI) we would see the User Interface (UI)
Enable Email Notification on Impersonation Event
Today marks another milestone in my professional career.  I’m going to begin writing blog posts about a great new Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool called ServiceNow [].  We
Battle of the Clouds - Rackspace Cloud vs. Amazon EC2
You can’t pick up a technical magazine, hang out on Twitter [], or read an article on a technology blog without hearing the phrase:Cloud Computing.  What is cloud
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Create a Full Backup Image of your Amazon EC2 Instance
Update – 20160625 After assisting a reader I realized I should probably post an update to this article.  When I wrote it, Amazon AWS did not have a “Create Image” capability.  Some time ago