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Keeping your SmartDry dryer sensor operational
Connected Life has shut down their cloud service that was required to make the SmartDry dryer sensor work. Here's how to keep yours operational.
Integrate IOTTY wall switches with Home Assistant
How to integrate the IOTTY smart home switches into Home Assistant, leveraging Alexa Routines
macOS Monterey, Mail Privacy, and Pi-Hole
I recently upgraded to macOS Monterey on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, I immediately had an issue in where I was seeing "Your network preferences prevent content from loading privately."
Raspberry Pi printing British Pound (£) instead of US Pound (#)
How to fix a raspberry pi printing a British pound symbol
How to use an Apple TV with Hotel WiFi (Captive Portal)
Recently my family and I went on vacation and stayed in a condo that had "Complimentary WiFi". We had packed our AppleTV because my son knows how to access all of his purchased movies (way too many) and it has my wife and I's current programming for the evenings.
Believing ...
This weekend, Disney released a new movie for download.  That by itself isn't remarkable.  What's remarkable is that this is a move that was just released to the theaters
Recover a lost Admin account on macOS with FileVault 2
How to recover a lost Admin account on macOS when you have FileVault 2 enabled
Free up over 100GB of space on macOS High Sierra using Storage Manager
Recently I was invited to participate in the World of WarCraft, Battle for Azeroth Alpha Test. I know you're thrilled (I was too!). However, in order to install the game, it
Getting a drone for Christmas?  Don't wreck it, learn to fly it.
So, you may get a shiny new quadcopter for Christmas and you’re itching to fly it outside?  Don’t.  You’ll wreck it. Seriously. Much like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story [http:
My Next Adventure!
On May 9th, I started a new career. This wasn’t something I had planned.  I’ve been the VP/CIO of Information Services for my former company for a decade.  Before that
Prevent your ServiceNow Developer Instance from being reclaimed
I’m a big ServiceNow fan.  I became a bigger fan when they opened up a new Developer Program [] that included access to a free, personal ServiceNow Instance.  Just
SmushBox - Update on status and its future
Current Status of SmushBox and Smush Mobile My original review of the SmushBox is over here []. As I’m writing this I’ve currently just gotten my SmushBox
Correcting Invalid sys_class_name Entries in your CMDB
The Problem A few days ago, we started having strange behavior in our Configuration Management Database (CMDB).  When looking at certain classes of Configuration Items (CI) we would see the User Interface (UI)
Enabling a USB to Serial Port Adapter under OS X 10.9 Mavericks
Appears that with the coming of OS X 10.9 Mavericks, we are once again faced with various peripherals that cease to function correctly. I often do work that requires a serial port.