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The Dirty Little Secret in Quicken Essentials...You Lose Your Data

A year ago I upgraded from Quicken 2007 for Macintosh to Quicken Essentials 2010 for Macintosh. I wrote about that upgrade in my article entitled Quicken Essentials for Mac – The Bare Minimum. In that article I went through my upgrade experience and got the reader setup on Quicken Essentials. I then went over the decision criteria between Quicken Essentials and iBank 3. I made the decision to upgrade to Quicken Essentials, but only by the smallest of margins. It was basically the best of two bad options. I had been a Quicken user for over a decade and Quicken Essentials maintained the feeling of a Macintosh personal finance application. iBank 3 was different and had some performance problems that weren’...