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Goodbye Quicken Essentials 2010 for Mac, Hello iBank 4
I was wrong. That’s not something anyone likes to admit, but when I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. Some quick background for any readers who are experiencing my
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The Dirty Little Secret in Quicken Essentials...You Lose Your Data
A year ago I upgraded from Quicken 2007 for Macintosh to Quicken Essentials 2010 for Macintosh. I wrote about that upgrade in my article entitled Quicken Essentials for Mac – The Bare Minimum [https:
Intuit Responds - Quicken Essentials 2010 for Mac
After posting my blog article [https://robpickering.com/technology/2010/1/31/quicken-essentials-2010-for-mac-why-bother.html] , and at the direction of several of my readers, I sent an email to my contacts at Intuit pointing