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April Fools! Your blog backup is incomplete.

My first VaultPress backup was completed at 7:03pm, Fri, February 25. I felt safe. I had been playing with various WordPress backup solutions, including AWB, BackupBuddy (I purchased it), but wasn’t happy with any of them. AWB only ran when I manually ran it, or else I had to build a cron-job on my Unix host to run it. BackupBuddy only ran if someone accessed the site. Then I found VaultPress and requested a “Golden Ticket” to the Beta. I even Tweeted them to see if I could get my “Golden Ticket” a little earlier: [quotetweet tweetid=41224401361965057] It worked! VaultPress let me know my “Golden Ticket” was on the way: [quotetweet tweetid=41255731672006656] I registered my account,...