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2020 What I've Read
I'm starting this years "What I've Read" post with a few disclaimers, just to make my style for these posts crystal clear. First, the links below are Amazon affiliate links, there's no impact
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Believing ...
This weekend, Disney released a new movie for download.  That by itself isn't remarkable.  What's remarkable is that this is a move that was just released to the theaters two weeks prior.  That
2019 What I've Read
2019. I'm not sure where to start this post. 2019 has been difficult for everyone in the United States, I want to say 2020 will be I will! 2020 is going
2018 What I've Read
2018. What a year. My family moved from Cupertino to San Jose, where we purchased a new home (don't even get me started on housing prices). I started in a new role at
2017 - What I've Read
2017 found my family and I finally settled, if a bit temporarily, in our new home in Cupertino, CA. We're renting and that will be the next major milestone we cross (buying a
Inexpensive eBooks from O'Reilly Media
I love eBooks.  I’m not actually sure the last time I purchased a physical, paper book.  If I have recently purchased one, then it was a Computer Reference book of some type.