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Home Assistant Energy Monitoring of Tesla Solar Panels
I've been a Tesla Solar panel owner for 4 years.  I've always wanted to have monitoring of my energy in an easier-to-consume format than having to log into the Tesla app and look
Integrate IOTTY wall switches with Home Assistant
How to integrate the IOTTY smart home switches into Home Assistant, leveraging Alexa Routines
macOS Monterey, Mail Privacy, and Pi-Hole
I recently upgraded to macOS Monterey on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, I immediately had an issue in where I was seeing "Your network preferences prevent content from loading privately."
Raspberry Pi printing British Pound (£) instead of US Pound (#)
How to fix a raspberry pi printing a British pound symbol
2020 What I've Read
I'm starting this years "What I've Read" post with a few disclaimers, just to make my style for these posts crystal clear. First, the links below are Amazon affiliate links, there's no impact
14 min read
How to use an Apple TV with Hotel WiFi (Captive Portal)
Recently my family and I went on vacation and stayed in a condo that had "Complimentary WiFi". We had packed our AppleTV because my son knows how to access all of his purchased movies (way too many) and it has my wife and I's current programming for the evenings.
Silence is Violence
Today is Juneteenth [].  It has several "also known as" names, including "Freedom Day", "Jubilee Day", and "Liberation Day".  It is a commemoration of Union army general, Gordon
Believing ...
This weekend, Disney released a new movie for download.  That by itself isn't remarkable.  What's remarkable is that this is a move that was just released to the theaters two weeks prior.  That
2019 What I've Read
2019. I'm not sure where to start this post. 2019 has been difficult for everyone in the United States, I want to say 2020 will be I will! 2020 is going
Recover a lost Admin account on macOS with FileVault 2
How to recover a lost Admin account on macOS when you have FileVault 2 enabled
2018 What I've Read
2018. What a year. My family moved from Cupertino to San Jose, where we purchased a new home (don't even get me started on housing prices). I started in a new role at
What I wish I knew going to Disney's Aulani Resort for the First Time
My family and I just returned from a week in paradise, in Ko'Olina, Oh'au, Hawaii. Why Oa'hu? Because in Ko'Olina there is a relatively new resort, Aulani [], that was
12 min read
Network Shenanigans in MacOS Mojave
This afternoon I was doing some network maintenance around the house. While inspecting all of my wireless clients, I happened to find a host that I didn't recognize (I name all of my
World Down Syndrome Day
As most people who know me and lots of my readers know, my son has Down syndrome.  Down syndrome "also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of

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