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2019 What I've Read
2019. I'm not sure where to start this post. 2019 has been difficult for everyone in the United States, I want to say 2020 will be I will! 2020 is going
2018 What I've Read
2018. What a year. My family moved from Cupertino to San Jose, where we purchased a new home (don't even get me started on housing prices). I started in a new role at
2017 - What I've Read
2017 found my family and I finally settled, if a bit temporarily, in our new home in Cupertino, CA. We're renting and that will be the next major milestone we cross (buying a
2016 - What I've Read
I recently saw an article on another blog where the author documents all of the books that he read [] during the course of the year. I like
A Note Taking Workflow using Kindle, OmniFocus, and VoodooPad
I’ve been on a bit of a Personal Productivity exploration for quite a while.  I can’t imagine how I got anything done in the past without my Daily Actions workflow.  One