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Solving Fail2Ban not banning IPs on Ubuntu 16.04
I recently installed Fail2Ban on my personal mail/web host as the number of "bad actors" has climbed a lot in recent years and I no longer felt comfortable just allowing
Triple Boot MacBook Pro (macOS, Windows 10, Linux)
I recently decided to run Kali Linux on my MacBook. I originally thought I'd just build it into a Virtual Machine (using Parallels), but was concerned that I might not have
Setting up Automatic Updates for Ubuntu
Keeping your system up to date is the single most important way to prevent security and malware issues.  Ubuntu provides nice tools for maintaining your system, but if you manage it via a
Create a Startup / Boot Script under Ubuntu
In managing Unix systems, you will often have occasion to have a process or action performed at boot time. There are several ways of accomplishing this goal, but the right way is to
MySQL Database Replication over an SSH Tunnel
SSH Tunnel Setup Create an SSH key (Version 2) to allow passwordless replication: $ ssh-keygen -t rsa Copy the SSH key to the Master (assumes same user account on Master and Slave): $ ssh-copy-id master.
CloudEngines Plugs Security Flaw in Pogoplug with Firmware 2.1
In my original Blog Post entitled Beware the Pogoplug [] I pointed out a rather serious security hole in the Cloud Engines []‘ Pogoplug device. That security