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Pilgrim's Bounty - Or Fast Cooking 1-350
Note: Some of the quest givers are Trainers! Learn them and use them. Note: Save everything you make, until all quests are completed. Note: For best results, empty your bags of everything, you’
Upcoming Battleground Changes
For those of you who participate in battlegrounds, or maybe just the occasional Wintergrasp, many changes are coming: * Marks of Honor are going away. * Holiday weekends will now be denoted as “Call to
Love is in the Air - 2010
The Love is in the Air World Event is now live on all servers. This year’s version of the World Event has undergone major changes and, as such, most of the guides
Enchanting Heirloom Items
Heirloom items are one of the best things that have happened for leveling in World of Warcraft.  The other is Refer-a-Friend (I’ll probably do a different post on RaF in the future)