The Love is in the Air World Event is now live on all servers. This year’s version of the World Event has undergone major changes and, as such, most of the guides available on the Internet are now outdated and incorrect (except of course’s, they rock).

To start you off on the right foot, I’ve documented my way through various portions of the event and will outline how to get those Achievements stacked up so you can get the Meta-Achievement: The Love Fool. As the event just started today, February 7, 2010, please be patient with me as I update this guide for new Daily Quests and minor changes based on my personal experimentation.

Getting Started

Start your event in any Capital City (this is a Horde Guide, but Alliance should run pretty similar). Ultimately though you’ll be sent to your primary Capital City, in the Horde’s case Orgrimmar. Next to the Auction House in Orgrimmar you’ll find Kwee Q. Peddlefeet and a Public Relations Agent. Kwee has a Daily Quest for you and the Public Relations Agent has a standard quest. Note: Kwee gets around, so you’ll also find him in Undercity, Thunder Bluff, and Silvermoon, as there are quests for each of the Faction Leaders in each Capital City.

Cutting to the Chase

If you don’t care about Achievements, but you don’t want to miss out on “cool stuff”, then you only have to read this section.

The Basics

There are 6 Daily Quests that you should do every day, each quest pays you 5 Love Tokens. If you do all 6, you’ll have 30 Love Tokens per day to spend. These are basically the quests you need to perform to get all of the Achievements and most importantly, the non-combat pet: Truesilver Shafted Arrow.
To just do the minimum, talk to Kwee Q. Peddlefeet in each of the Capital cities and complete the individual “A Gift for…” quests each day. He’s always found next to the Auction House in the city (with the exception of Undercity, where he’s in the Atrium before the elevators).
You can purchase the Truesilver Shafted Arrow at the Lovely Merchant in any Capital City for 40 Love Tokens. (So 2 days of work)
See the instructions below for the Charming achievement on how to create Lovely Charm Bracelets, you’ll also get the Nation of Adoration achievement the first time you complete all four faction leaders.
Hint: The fastest way I was able to collect Lovely Charms was to go do the Argent Tournament daily quest Battle Before the Citadel, if you have full shields and just run around the Boneguard Footman they will automatically die and often drop a Lovely Charm. I’m able to farm about 200 in 20 minutes of running around. Let’s hope Blizzard doesn’t hotfix this. In order to do this effectively you need to already be a Faction Champion for one of the races.


In order to complete all of the achievements for Love is in the Air, you will need to amass just over 100Love Tokens, assuming you have no luck whatsoever. That means, at a minimum amount of effort, it will take you 5 days of running the four “A Gift for…” daily quests to have enoughLove Tokens to complete theLove is in the Air meta-achievement. However, you should be able to gather another 10Love Tokens per day if you run the other 2 optional daily quests, so that would cut down your time to 4 days. All of this is assuming you do not convert ANYLovely Charm Bracelets toLove Tokens, which you can do at theLovely Merchant in a 1:1 ratio.


Completion: Create 12 Lovely Charm Bracelets

How to do it: Kill stuff close to your level. As you do this, you’ll automatically be using your Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit and “creating” Lovely Charms. Once you have 10 Lovely Charm, use them, and they will form a Lovely Charm Bracelet. These can be used as currency for all of the other achievements by converting them into Love Token. So, kill lots and lots of stuff, collect Lovely Charms and turn them into Lovely Charm Bracelets over and over and over again.

How many of these Lovely Charm Bracelets will you need? Depends. At a minimum you need to make 12 of them for this achievement. Four of those will be used for the Nation of Adoration achievement (see below) and net you 20 Love Tokens. That will give you 8 extras you can convert into Love Tokens (or, sell on the open market, which is around 35g each on my server right now); alternatively, hang on to them and use them to complete the four A Gift for… daily quests for the next 2 days, which would net you 40 more Love Tokens, so you’ll end up with 60 Love Tokens for other achievements just by doing this one.

Flirt With Disaster

Completion: Get completely smashed, put on your best perfume, throw a handful of rose petals on Jeremiah Payson, and then kiss him.

How to do it: Purchase a bottle of perfume or cologne from the Lovely Merchant. Make sure you have a Handful of Rose Petals. Grab 5 or 6 really strong drinks. Head to Undercity. Jeremiah Payson is the Cockroach non-combat pet vendor (bring some gold too if you don’t have this pet) and he sits on the floor at the bottom of the ramps that hold the Bank in Undercity. Target Jeremiah first (or else when completely smashed he’ll be hard to target), get Completely Smashed off of your drink of choice, toss a Handful of Rose Petals at him, then /kiss and you’ll have this achievement. Cost: 1 Love Token for Perfume/Cologne (2 Love Tokens for a Handful of Rose Petals, but I’m not counting them since you should have at least one extra from Fistful of Love below).

Nation of Adoration

Completion: Complete the Lovely Charm Bracelet daily quest for each Horde capital.

How to do it: Make (or buy) yourself 4 Lovely Charm Bracelets (see above on how to make them). Turn 1 in to each of the major Faction Leaders (Thunder Bluff, Undercity, Silvermoon, and Orgrimmar). These are separate quests you get in each city from Kwee Q. Peddlefeet, he’s usually found next to the AH (except in UC).

Sweet Tooth

Completion: Sample the Love is in the Air candies listed below.

How to do it: Buy a Box of Chocolates at the Lovely Merchant. Cost: 10 Love Tokens (may need 2)

My Love is Like a Red Red Rose

Completion: Obtain a Bouquet of Red or Ebon Roses during the Love is in the Air celebration.

How to do it: The Bouquet of Red Roses no longer drop. You can obtain a Bouquet of Ebon Roses from the following Dungeon Bosses at a 100% Drop Rate:

Maiden of Grief (Halls of Stone)

Prince Keleseth (Utgarde Keep)

Prince Taldaram (Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom)


Completion: Shoot 10 players with the Silver Shafted Arrow.

How to do it: Buy 2 sets of 5 x Silver Shafted Arrows from the Lovely Merchant, then use them on 10 players. Cost: 10 Love Tokens


Completion: Enjoy a Buttermilk Delight with someone in Dalaran at a Romantic Picnic during the Love is in the Air celebration.

How to do it: This one is a bit tricky in execution. First, someone has to have a Romantic Picnic Basket. These sell for 10 Love Tokens at a Lovely Merchant. However, if you can find someone that’s already tossed one down in Dalaran, then you can use theirs. You MUST right-click on the Basket to get the Romantic Picnic buff (which will display a little heart over your head). Then, and only then, eat your Buttermilk Delight. Done.

The Rocket’s Pink Glare

Completion: Shoot off 10 Love Rockets in 20 seconds or less.

How to do it: Buy 10 [Love Rocket] from the Lovely Vendor then set them off fast.

Hint: Put the rockets on an action button, then spam the button while clicking your mouse on a location. Cost: 10 Love Tokens

Fistful of Love

Completion: Use a Handful of Rose Petals on each of the race/class combinations listed below:

  • Gnome Warlock
  • Human Death Knight
  • Night Elf Priest
  • Draenei Paladin
  • Dwarf Hunter
  • Orc Death Knight
  • Orc Shaman
  • Tauren Druid
  • Undead Warrior
  • Troll Rogue
  • Blood Elf Mage

How to do it: Buy 3 x Handful of Rose Petals. You’ll only need 11, but they’re sold in stacks of 5. Cost: 6 Love Tokens

Be Mine!

Completion: Eat the eight Bag of Heart Candies heart candies listed below:

  • Be Mine!
  • I’ll follow you all around Azeroth
  • All yours
  • I’m all yours!
  • Hot Lips
  • You’re Mine!
  • You’re the best!

How to do it: Buy a Bag of Heart Candies from the Lovely Merchant, make 10 candies. Cost: 2 Love Tokens, though you may need more than 1 Bag.

I Pitied the Fool

Completion: Pity the Love Fool in the location specified below.

  • Wintergrasp
  • Battle Ring of Gurubashi Arena
  • Arathi Basin Blacksmith
  • The Culling of Stratholme
  • Naxxramas

How to do it: Most of the locations are easy. Just to there, drop your Love Fool, do /pity while targeting it, done. This is true for the Arena, CoS, and Wintergrasp. However, for Naxxramas you MUST be INSIDE the Raid, so you’ll need a buddy, form group, convert to Raid, run inside, and do your business. For the Arathi Basin Blacksmith, you’ll actually have to be in or very near the Blacksmith shop in AB, but you may get lucky and someone else will have one out, which you can then target and /pity and you’ll get this one. Cost: 50 Love Tokens, but you can use other people’s so could be cheaper.

Dangerous Love

Completion: Assist the Steamwheedle Cartel in stopping the sinister Crown Chemical Co. plot.

How to do it: This is the culmination of the quest chain that leads you to killing the Holiday Boss(es) in Shadowfang Keep. To start the chain get the quest Something Stinks from Detective Snap Snagglebolt. He will give you Snagglebolt’s Air Analyzer and you go around using that on 10 heavily perfumed NPCs in the area. Once complete, he’ll then give you Pilfering Perfume. Accepting this quest will immediately turn you into a a little goblin who runs around, you cannot stop yourself, don’t try. Run out of Orgrimmar via the main gate, as soon as you’re outside, hang a sharp left and follow the wall. You’ll find a group of NPCs standing around some crates, run past them and they’ll throw you a package which will then appear on your back. Head back inside to Snap, you’ll drop out of costume and you can turn in the quest. Following Pilfering Perfume, Snap will now give you Snivel’s Sweetheart where you’ll have to go talk to Roka at Gotri’s Traveling Goods in the Drag of Orgrimmar. Gotri’s Traveling Goods is the first shop on the left as you enter the Drag from the lower-part of Orgrimmar. Turn in the quest at Roka and she’ll then give you Hot on the Trail. Now you have to find Snivel Rustrocket by searching the Orgrimmar Auction House, Bank, and Barber Shop. You probably know where the AH and Bank are, but the Barber Shop is in the Cleft of Shadows, so do that one first. Each time you search an area, Snivel will appear, yell something at you, then incapacitate you for a bit. It’s a little disconcerting, but does no damage, so don’t sweat it. After you’ve searched the three main areas, head back to Roka and turn the quest in. Roka will then give you A Friendly Chat… which sends you to the top of the Orgrimmar Zepplin Tower (the one with Undercity and Grom’gol). Turn in the quest to Snivel Rustrocket and pick up his Ledger. Take the Ledger back to Detective Snap Snagglebolt and turn in the quest. Finally, Snap Snagglebolt will give you two quests, Crushing the Crown and Man on the Inside. You’re now ready to head to Shadowfang Keep and kill off those Holiday Bosses.

Tough Love

Completion: Defeat the trio of Crown Chemical Co. apothecaries in Shadowfang Keep
How to do it: Kill Apothecary Hummel inside Shadowfang Keep. You’ll automatically get this achievement when completing Dangerous Love above.