Note: Some of the quest givers are Trainers! Learn them and use them.
Note: Save everything you make, until all quests are completed.
Note: For best results, empty your bags of everything, you’ll need
nothing and you’ll need bag space.
Note: This won’t work after the Pilgrim’s Bounty Holiday is over
(next Saturday it ends)
Note: You’ll get somewhere around 30K XP for doing all this, maybe
Note: Any Level Character can do this, though the mobs around Turkeys
are Level 10.

Head to Orgrimmar
Get quest: “Pilgrim’s Bounty” – By the Bank
Go outside Orgrimmar
Find a Cooking Trainer (one of the quest givers is a trainer, or else
learn Cooking from the normal trainer inside Org)
Learn Cooking
Learn all Level 1 Recipes

Get quest: “Sharing a Bountiful Feast”
Get daily quest: “Can’t Get Enough Turkey”
Get daily quest: “Don’t Forget The Stuffing!”
Go to Vendor right here
Buy Bountiful Cookbook
Buy 70 Simple Flour, 70 Mild Spices, 70 Autumnal Herbs, 70 Cranberries

Go to Undercity
Turn in “Pilgrim’s Bounty”
Get quest: “Spice Bread Stuffing”
Get daily quest: “We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?”
Get daily quest: “She Says Potato”

Learn Spiced Bread Stuffing (Open the Bountiful Cookbook for recipes)
Cook 70 Spice Bread (this should get you to Cooking 40)
Cook 35 Spiced Bread Stuffing
Turn in quest: “Spice Bread Stuffing”
Accept quest: “Pumpkin Pie”
Learn Journeyman Cooking @ 75 (Either go back to Org, or do it first
thing at UC)

Cook 35 Spiced Bread Stuffing (You should be 100+)
Learn Pumpkin Pie

Buy 70 Ripe Trisfal Pumpkins, 130 Honey
Cook 48 Pumpkin Pies (should be 150 now, if not 150 cook more Pies)
Learn Expert Cooking @ 150
Cook 22 Pumpkin Pies (or fewer, just until you hit 160 Cooking)
Learn Cranberry Chutney @160

Go back to Orgrimmar
Turn in quest “Don’t Forget the Stuffing” – Suggestion: Get the Turkey Shooter
Turn in quest “Pumpkin Pie”
Accept quest “Cranberry Chutney”

Cook 70 Cranberry Chutney

Learn Candied Sweet Potato @ 220
Learn Artisan Cooking @ 225

Go to Thunder Bluff
Go down the main lift
Turn in quest “Cranberry Chutney”
Accept quest “Candied Sweet Potatoes”
Get quest “Easy As Pie”
Turn in quest “Easy As Pie” – Suggestion: Get a Pilgrim’s Hat

Buy 80 Mulgore Sweet Potato, 80 Honey, 80 Autumnal Herbs
Cook 80 Candied Sweet Potato – You should now be over 280
Learn Slow-Roasted Turkey @ 280

Go to Orgrimmar
Turn in quest “Candied Sweet Potatoes”
Accept quest “Undersupplied in the Undercity”
Learn Master Cooking

Go to Undercity
Turn in quest “She Says Potato” – Suggestion: Get Pilgrim’s Attire (or Dress, or Robe)
Turn in quest “We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney” – Suggestion: Get
Pilgrim’s Boots
Turn in quest “Undersupplied in the Undercity”
Accept “Slow-roasted Turkey”

Go to Brill
Kill 80 Wild Turkeys (if you can kill 40 of them in a row without
losing the Turkey Hunter buff, it’s an Achievement)
Loot them to get 80 Wild Turkey

Buy 160 Honey, 80 Autumnal Herbs
Make 80 Slow-Roasted Turkey
You should now be at least 350 Cooking!

Go to Orgrimmar
Turn in quest “Slow-roasted Turkey”
Turn in quest “Can’t Get Enough Turkey”
Buy a Bountiful Basket
Use the Bountiful Basket to create a Bountiful Feast (just cause it’s