The C-Loop was my introduction to the Kickstarter service.  If you don’t know, Kickstarter is a way for potential inventors / service providers to crowdfund their ideas.  It provides a great jumping off point for innovators and inventors to fund their ideas so they can become reality.

Kickstarter Info

  • Kickstarter Site: C-Loop
  • Date Funded:  2010 December 14
  • Total Backers:  1428
  • Total Raised:  $63,163 vs. Goal:  $15,000
  • Date Backed:  2010 November 29
  • Backer Level:  $35 or More
  • Backer Price:  $35.00
  • Item Received:  January 2011
  • My Site Credits:
  • Item Current Whereabouts:  Still attached to my DSLR

Retail Info

Physical Design

The physical design on the C-Loop is impressive.  Cut from 6061-T6 aluminum, it feels solid and well constructed.  The swivel moves smoothly and the accessory is easy to attach and detach from your camera using the flip-up D-ring.

Initial Impressions

My initial impressions are positive.  The C-Loop does live up to the hype making using your camera while having the neck strap attached much easier.  Since the strap is attached underneath the camera, it doesn’t obscure the viewfinder when changing camera positions.  The 360-degree swivel prevents the strap from twisting.  Most importantly, the fact that the strap is mounted to the bottom of the camera means it’s easy to swivel the lens away from pointing forward, allowing you to tuck it close to your body to move through crowds, while still remaining very available.

Impressions after 1 Month

It’s been a bit more than 1 Month since I first acquired my C-Loop, but I wanted to stick with the format I’m going to be using for these Kickstarter reviews.  However, my impression of this accessory hasn’t changed in the intervening years.  I’m still using it, and still liking it a lot.

What I’m Currently Doing with my C-Loop

My C-Loop is in my Camera Bag and I use it just about every time I take out my Canon EOS T2i.  In fact, I just had it out to take some photos of my son at our local Christmas Tree lighting.


This was the first Kickstarter project I backed.  I’m glad I did.  While this wasn’t earth-shattering technology, it showed that inventive ideas can be realized and delivered to consumers.  I believe it is important to continue to fund this type of innovation so we can receive the benefits of new ideas.