The second week of my new blog and I was able to accelerate the number of articles that I published, even during a heavy travel week at work. Two of the articles were product reviews, both of which are Kickstarter projects that finally came to fruition after more than two years of waiting:

  1. Ubiquiti - Configure micro-segmentation for IoT devices (the Internet of Things is a danger to the global network as well as your local LAN, here I discuss how I segregated my IoT devices into their own micro-segment in my home network, using Ubiquiti UniFi)
  2. 2016 - What I've Read (a collection of all the books I read in 2016 with short synopsis of each)
  3. Ube (now Plum) WiFi Connected Smart Light Dimmer (Lightpad) (a review of the Plum Lightpad smart dimmer, a project I backed on Kickstarter)
  4. The Temperfect Mug by Joeveo (a review of the Joeveo Temperfect travel mug, a project I backed on Kickstarter)

Calgary Weather

Professionally I spent the bulk of my time in Canada this week, which was quite a shock to my system from a temperature standpoint. I had a great time talking with many CIOs in Calgary and Edmonton, some customers of ServiceNow, some thinking about the platform. We discussed creating a Single System of Engagement for the Enterprise to enable Frictionless transactions for their employees.

The draft articles are being pared down slowly, one of which made it to a published state this week. Looking forward to what's in store next!