On May 9th, I started a new career.

This wasn’t something I had planned.  I’ve been the VP/CIO of Information Services for my former company for a decade.  Before that I ran various technical teams for various companies.  I’ve always been in a technical senior leadership role since graduating college and getting my first “real job” with Cincinnati Bell Telephone where I had the pleasure of building an Internet Service Provider (Fuse Internet Access) and then a Broadband ADSL network (ZoomTown.com).

Earlier this year I left my former employer due to various changes that were occurring within the company and what I saw as my potential future there.  That change required me to re-evaluate my future, something of a mid-life crisis.  As many of these things go, the result was a drastic departure to something new, and major changes for my family.

I have now taken a new position as “Evangelist, Office of the Chief Strategy Officer” at ServiceNow.  This is a company I was first introduced to while at my former employer.  It’s an incredible Enterprise Service Management platform and something that I became extremely passionate about following our successful implementation and use over the last 3 years.  Not just the technology, the platform, or the application of those capabilities, but even their people, corporate culture, and vision of how Enterprise Technology solutions could be implemented.  This also means my family and I are relocating to the Bay Area / Silicon Valley.

So, in my new role as an Evangelist, you will occasionally see articles posted here (and elsewhere, referenced here) about ServiceNow.  While these will be focused on the ServiceNow technology platform, I also hope they will be useful to non-customers as the concepts should also apply.  If you’re interested in learning more about the platform, I’d be happy to talk with you about it, and have someone contact you for a follow-up.

All of my ServiceNow articles will have an image that references ServiceNow so you know where it’s coming from … I hope you enjoy them.