It's my first Weekly Update since my re-launch and I had quite a bit of activity this week. On the blog:

  1. It's a new Blog! (discussion of moving to a new platform, and the inspiration that got me there)
  2. Getting a drone for Christmas? Don't wreck it, learn to fly it. (how I learned to fly a drone)

These articles marked my return to writing here after only writing one other article in 2016. Here's to making up lost time!

Professionally I had a busy week on the East Coast speaking at two different Evanta CIO Summits (Washington D.C. and New Jersey). Both talks discussed Mind the Gap - Integrating IT and Security which boils down to reducing the number of tools that the Security team is using by bringing all of their actions into the same System of Action (ServiceNow) that the IT team is already using. This provides a number of benefits, not the least is that the Security team can leverage all of the rich information from IT's Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Then of course is the Single System of Engagement so your customers in the Enterprise can have a frictionless method to report their security issues.

I currently have 16 Draft articles for the blog (a leftover from running it on WordPress), they won't all see the light of day as some are just no longer relevant, but that means I have lots of ideas for new content so hopefully I can keep this going.