World Down Syndrome Day
Today is a special day in the lives of my family. It's also a special day for millions of people across the world. March 21st is celebrated as World Down Syndrome Day. Why
2017 - What I've Read
2017 found my family and I finally settled, if a bit temporarily, in our new home in Cupertino, CA. We're renting and that will be the next major milestone we cross (buying a
Rest in Peace - Christopher J. (Chris) Utley
I've now reached a milestone in my life that everyone dreads, that age when your friends start to pass. I didn't think it would happen this soon. I'm beyond saddened that my first
Working around incomplete Ubiquiti UniFi Security Gateway DNS Service
I’ve been having a long-running conversation with various folks in the Ubiquiti Forums here and here regarding the DNS service that is provided by the USG. The USG is just a DNS
Using Let’s Encrypt TLS Certificates for SMTP, IMAP, and HTTP
One of the greatest advances towards securing the Internet happened on April 12, 2016 when the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) launched the “Let’s Encrypt” X.509 Transport Layer Security (TLS) (you
Apache and Mailman -- Scripts not executing
Recently I rebuilt my personal mail server (and Mailman list server) on a new version of Ubuntu. Everything went well and the Mailman list worked fine, except that all of the CGI-BIN scripts
Solving Fail2Ban not banning IPs on Ubuntu 16.04
I recently installed Fail2Ban on my personal mail/web host as the number of "bad actors" has climbed a lot in recent years and I no longer felt comfortable just allowing
Why I'm doubling down on Apple - Privacy
It's spring here in Silicon Valley and that means it's time for the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). This year did not disappoint with Apple making not 1, not 2, but 6
Triple Boot MacBook Pro (macOS, Windows 10, Linux)
I recently decided to run Kali Linux on my MacBook. I originally thought I'd just build it into a Virtual Machine (using Parallels), but was concerned that I might not have the control
Consuming Content is Hard
I recently listened to Triangulation episode #278 with Tim Wu, author of The Attention Merchants (which I'm currently reading). Tim, and Leo, both stated in the podcast that getting people to pay for
Configuring Synology for Forward and Reverse Internal DNS Resolution
I'm a big fan of the Ubiquiti UniFi networking gear, I wrote about how I was able to use their gear to provide micro-segmentation of my IoT devices from the rest of my
Weekly Update 4
Back from my break over the holidays! Back to work, son is back to school. I didn't publish any articles over the break, but that doesn't mean I wasn't working on one! Back
Goodbye eBay, I will sell no more
I recently read the following blog post post by Matthew Sag, "One More Sign World Is Shrinking – eBay is for Suckers". It compelled me to tell my story as well; though
Weekly Update 3
Time flies when you're having fun! I'm really happy to be back in Silicon Valley after returning from Calgary (and Edmonton). Nothing like being back, getting up in the morning to a crisp
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